Mary Wixted

Formerly a public interest attorney, the physical demands of motherhood and a plague of backaches and neck aches led Mary to yoga. She is inspired by the strength, flexibility and grounded sense of well-being that yoga has brought to her life and fascinated with the way the practice of the postures sculpts the mind and consciousness as well as the body.

Mary found the Iyengar method when she moved from San Francisco to Boston with her husband and two children in 2000. The method opened the door to a progressive, ever-deepening and engrossing practice of asana. 

She began her studies with Liz Owen and went on to complete a two-year Iyengar teacher training program under the instruction of Patricia Walden and Peentz Dubble, formerly her main teachers. She began teaching in 2005. Mary apprenticed with Peentz for more than 8 years and studies with Lois Steinberg on a weekly basis. In 2010 Mary was certified by the Iyengar National Association as an Iyengar yoga instructor. She advanced her Iyengar certification to Intermediate Junior II in September 2019. In both January 2011 and 2014 she spent a month studying with the Iyengar family in Pune, India. 

Mary brings a warm, sunny, compassionate nature to her yoga instruction and a deep desire to share the practice with others. Her intellect delights in the precise and logical nature of the Iyengar method and she loves finding new and illuminating ways to teach the gifts that yoga has to offer. 

"The body is the institution. 
The teacher is within."
--B.K.S. Iyengar